Welcome to kenpeel.com.

I am a music producer and composer residing in Somerset, England. I write electronic music that ranges from ambient to retro chic, often with jazzy riffs.  Smooth but with a dark under-tow, hold on, does that sounds like an icecream?  If it does, I'm having one!

I need a better photo.

I am also a father of 2, a husband and I have a day job as a freelance project manager working for big firms.  I started as a software developer in 1989 and have been working freelance since 1994 with occaisional breaks for children, holidays and a few spells on the payroll.

You can get my music from iTunes and all good download sites.  CDs are generally produced in short runs. The Cut EP has sold out, there are a few Salary Man CDs left (original version from 2004) and some Marginals too.  This is all thanks to my friends at Karvavena Records, Iris Light Records, Front and Follow Records and the team behind Departure Point Recordings.  If you live in the US or Canada it may be cheaper for you to buy CDs from CD Baby or Amazon rather than have then shipped from the UK.

Thanks to the ongoing support of some of the finest people in the music industry you can hear my music regularly on Chill, Soma FM and Lounge Radio as well as in podcasts and sets by top DJs like Nick Luscombe and Ben Eshmade.  

If you live in the US and you watch TV or go to the movies, then you may well have heard one of my tracks in 2006 which was used for a big brand advertising piece for Axe (known as Lynx here in the UK).  It was the one where various young women compulsively rubbed their bodies against metal objects, unaware that those objects contained, as a result of recycling, the residual odour of Axe deodorant from an Axe cannister.  That was a long sentence, but the advert was a minor hit and got a Gold award at the Cannes Lion Advertising Festival.  

After many years as an avid Cubase user and occaisional Ableton user, I have switched to Reaper and Maschine and I am currently developing my own take on German minimal techno - but with jazzy keyboard riffs.

I occaisionally get emails asking if people can use a certain track in their project.  Although I am a member of MCPS and PRS, for non-commercial projects I am usually happy with a credit e.g. Benny's Song is used on fashion designer Bhavya Rana's website, but please ask first.  For professional, commercial projects licensing requests are turned around quickly and sync fees can be surprisingly low ;)

Ken Peel

August 2011