Dec 20, 2011

Marginal for Barnardos

The proceeds of all  sales of remaining CDs from my 2006 CD Marginal will be donated to the children's charity Barnardos.

Sep 6, 2011

3 Albums Out Today!

Fabulous news - Ogonblick, Left Overs and the digital version of Salary Man are all out today and are available on iTunes, Beatport, Amazon MP3, Spotify and around 150 other digital download stores.

Don't forget folks that Left Overs is available under a Creative Commons license for you to sample, use and abuse on non-commercial projects in return for a credit.

Aug 31, 2011

Live drums on BBC News?

Watched a bit of BBC news for the first time in a week yesterday having just got back from a short break.  Suddenly it struck me - how about live drums?  Take the drums off the sound track and have one, two or maybe five guys performing them live in the studio, alongside Huw Edwards or whoever.

I reckon the drums on the BBC News are Taiko drums, you can read more about them here (from where the image is nabbed)

Aug 23, 2011

A mix for the Arctic Circle

Arctic Circle radio have kindly published a mix I did for them last week, 60 minutes of Ken music and some current and classic favourites.  This will also go out on Chill in the UK in a week or two.

You can see the track list and download the mix here:

Aug 16, 2011

New CDs coming 6 September

Lately we have been busy under the Departure Point label sorting out some new releases from the back catalogue as inspired by brother Ian.

Salary Man 

First up is a re-release of the 2004 CD Salary Man, this time under my own name, with new mixes and a revised running order.  This is a digital only release and, thanks to our superb distributor, will be available from iTunes worldwide and virtually all digital outlets on 6th September.

Bristol Left Overs 1999-2009

Next up is a digital release of 23 previously unreleased tracks written in my 10 years in Bristol.  All of these tracks are released under a Creative Commons license meaning anyone can use (or abuse) them for free for non-commercial use providing they are credited to me.  Get your left overs here!


Finally is a beautiful set of 8 recordings made with supremely talented multi-instrumentalist David Stiernholm.  David lives near Gothenburg in Sweden and we developed these tracks by exchanging fragments of musical ideas until it felt like the track was done.  This is some of my favourite music I've done.

Jun 10, 2011

Departure Point Radio Live365

I have just finished uploading a load of tracks to my new internet radio statio Departure Point.  There are currently 29 tracks on rotation and over the next few months I'll be adding more.  All tracks are Ken tracks! All of Marginal, The Cut EP and The Cloud of Reason EP are there along wiht various other 'previously unreleased' (oooh!) tracks too. Check me out!

Mar 13, 2011

Bizarre music related dream with rural Goths and Maschine

I awoke in the middle of the night in a mild panic.  I had been dreaming that I was at a country fete stood beside good friend, neighbour and chief legal counsel Mr PJ watching a bizarre act.  Surrounded by hay bales as a stage, a band appeared in a puff of smoke looking like they'd hitched over from Glastonbury.  A three-piece, fronted by a lady wearing a long black cape and backed by two guys dressed in shabby fitting black suits.  She handed the cape to a person off stage who hung it up carefully (as it had been hand made especially for her) and didn't introduce the first number or anything but instead told a tale of some fictitious person called Morgen or Mogdeth or Morpeth or something.  She swayed from side to side as if from an amateur production of Macbeth and then the band started.  

I was struggling with feeling cringey, embarrased and trying to not feel like some sort of cultural snob when I realised that there was a synth pad sound sort of hanging in the air.  PJ looked at me as if to say where's that coming from?  I looked at the band and realised that one of the guys backing the lady was holding a Native Instruments Maschine with two hands towards the audience, like a shield.  At first I thought he was triggering a pad sample until I noticed the device wasn't plugged in, at all.  No USB, no MIDI.  He's miming a pad with a Maschine I thought, must have it on a laptop off stage or something.  

It was all pretty awful.  It reminded me of a band I had seen at Bridgewater Arts Centre (long story) many years ago where the guitarist (one third of the act) had swayed constantly left to right at the same rate, regardless of the tempo of the song throughout their whole set.  PJ looked at me as if to say, referring to the Maschine, "haven't you got one of those?  Is this what the Maschine does?  How come you rave about it when this is what it sounds like?" In response I tried to create an expression on my face of "yes, I have got a Maschine, but this is not what it's all about.  Honestly."  But, by that time, the lead singer was starting on a big bit of audience engagement and I was worried she was going to ask me a question.

Mar 9, 2011

Last night a new tune

Last night as I sat looking at dusk over Normandy I fired up Maschine and out popped another track.  Unfortunatley I couldn't bring the current works in progress to France this week but I have at least one new one to take home.

Mar 6, 2011

Holiday packing

This is what I'm taking on my escaping.