Bristol Left Overs 1999-2009

Bristol Left Overs 1999-2009
  1. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Rock On

  2. 0:00

    Ken Peel - The Waiting Room

  3. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Duvet Day

  4. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Dusk to Dawn

  5. 0:00

    Ken Peel - The Avon Collective

  6. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Malago Delta

  7. 0:00

    Ken Peel - I Remember

  8. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Fleet Services

  9. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Organza Cantabile

  10. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Alluring Lorenza

  11. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Third World Galaxy

  12. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Waiting for Tablets

  13. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Walter is Mocked

  14. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Fox Lost

  15. 0:00

    Ken Peel - It Was Going Fine Actually

  16. 0:00

    Ken Peel - How It Is

  17. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Croissant

  18. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Groundhog Day

  19. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Surround Me

  20. 0:00

    Ken Peel - The Townsend Agency

  21. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Three Revision

  22. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Something Sad Here

  23. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Not Enough

A smorgasbord of Ken's studio work from his 10 years in Bristol. Tantalising hors d'oeuvres, hearty main meals always followed by cheese, and created alongside critically acclaimed releases on Front and Follow and Karvavena Records and TV work in the UK and USA.

Flailing wildly and unashamedly between styles and sub-genres, Left Overs ranges from the mellow glitchy
jazz beats of Rock On through 1970s TV theme tune inspired Duvet Day, into dark electronica (Third World Galaxy) and astonishing fromage (Croissant).

Included is an alternative version of 7v3 (Three Revision) from the Long Division with Remainders project (Front and Follow) with The Wire describing Ken's contribution as “a 1980s guess at what 21st century music might sound like” and "eerily anachronistic".

Left Overs is released under a Creative Commons license allowing permission for non-commercial use and rework of the tracks providing such use is attributed to Ken Peel. Or, as Ken puts it, “these are my left overs, perhaps someone else can turn them in to something tasty.”

Left Overs is available from iTunes and all quality, international download stores.

Bristol Left Overs 1999-2009 - Ken Peel 

Creative Commons Licence