Salary Man (2004)

Salary Man (2004)
  1. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Old Central

  2. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Monday (Central Mix) (feat. Paul Ramos)

  3. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Industrial Drain

  4. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Don't Pretend (feat. Vicky Burley)

  5. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Salary Man

  6. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Safety Net (Central Mix) (feat. Paul Ramos)

  7. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Waters Edge

  8. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Cold Heart (Easter Island Mix) (feat. Vicky Burley)

  9. 0:00

    Ken Peel - Attack the Federation

  10. 0:00

    Ken Peel - You Can Have It (feat. Vicky Burley)

  11. 0:00

    Ken Peel - La Luz

Critically acclaimed following it's original CD release in 2004, Salary Man is now available digitally.

Originally travelling under the name Avon, Ken Peel's Salary Man was featured on Nick Luscombe's Flo-Motion on X-FM garnering praise from taste-makers back in the day:

"lush beats and cinematic soundscapes", The Big Chill.

"dreamy, borderline sleaze", Electronic Music.

"beautifully moody", Untitled Music.

"Great to chill out to, to drive to, to wake up to", Decode.

"resolutely trip-hop and down-tempo, with shades of jazz, and clearly demonstrating Avon’s undisputed talent in both composition and production", Trip-Hop/Electro-Trip.

"slinky, trip-hoppy electronica balancing esoteric sound-sculpting with swaying melodies", Venue

The 2011 digital version of Salary Man has been re-mastered and includes alternative mixes of pivotal tracks featuring Vicky Burley and Paul Ramos – Ken's collaborators from his days in Bristol bands Easter Island and Central.

Salary Man is available from iTunes and all quality, international download stores.

Salary Man - Ken Peel